Vocabulary Workshop Level G: Unit 1

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(adj.) able to get and retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property.

The acquisitive retailer knew all of the property loopholes to acquire more money.

Synonyms: greedy, grasping
Antonyms: altruistic

(v.) to claim or take without right

The robber arrogated the pictures from the museum.

Synonyms: expropriate, usurp
Antonyms: relinquish

(adj.) hackneyed, trite, commonplace

The children thought the park was too banal.

Synonyms: stale, insipid
Antonyms: fresh

(v.) to work on excessively; to thrash soundly

The students belabored on their essays.

Synonyms: overwork, pound
Antonyms: underwork

(adj.) tending to find fault, especially in a petty, nasty, or hairsplitting way; (n.) petty, nagging criticism

The carping from the student kept us from finishing our project.

Synonyms: nit-picking, caviling
Antonyms: approving

(adj.) holding on sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful

The coherent team was able to push through their bad start and won the game.

Synonyms: connected, unified
Antonyms: chaotic

(v.) to change from liquid to solid, thicken; to make inflexible or rigid

The cook congealed the water to create ice.

Synonyms: harden, jell
Antonyms: melt

(v.) to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model

While trying to emulate a singer, he failed miserably.

Synonyms: copy, mimic
Antonyms: neglect

(n.) a formal expression of praise, a lavish tribute

The coach gave his player an encomium after working hard at the game.

Synonyms: panegyric, eulogy
Antonyms: criticism

(v.) to avoid, shun, keep away from

The troublemakers were trying to eschew the police.

Synonyms: abstain from, steer clear of
Antonyms: embrace

(adj.) relevant, appropriate, apropos, fitting

The assignment is germane to what we are learning now.

Synonyms: pertinent, relevant
Antonyms: irrelevant

(adj.) so great or demanding as not to be satisfied

He was always hungry because of his insatiable hunger.

Synonyms: unquenchable, ravenous
Antonyms: quenchable

(adj.) refusing to compromise, irreconcilable

My intransigent partner would not change the way he thought.

Synonyms: uncompromising, unyielding
Antonyms: yielding

(adj.) offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment

Everyone at the office tries to avoid the invidious boss.

Synonyms: malicious, spiteful
Antonyms: complimentary

(n.) generosity in giving; lavish or bountiful contributions

He gave a largesse to the cancer charity.

Synonyms: liberality, bounty
Antonyms: stinginess

(n.) a survey made for military purposes; any kind of preliminary inspection or examination

The commander sent out a reconnaissance to all the soldiers.

Synonyms: scouting expedition, investigation
Antonyms: laziness

(v.) to establish by evidence, prove; to give concrete or substantial form to

The detective substantiated that the man was guilty.

Synonyms: verify, confirm
Antonyms: refute

(adj.) habitually silent or quiet, inclined to talk very little

The taciturn student contributed very little to our project.

Synonyms: tight-lipped, uncommunicative
Antonyms: garrulous

(v.) to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpone a decision; to compromise

The lawyer temporized to give his client time to think of an answer.

Synonyms: hedge, procrastinate
Antonyms: advance

(adj.) capable of being held or defended

The boss fought for his tenable position.

Synonyms: defensible, justifiable
Antonyms: indefensible

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