Volcano Vocabulary Words

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ash clouds
burnt material that shoots out of the top of a volcano and forms a cloud
atoll islands
a group of coral islands, shaped in a ring or horseshoe, which grow over a sunken volcano
central vent
the main pathway in the center of a volcano from which lava flows upward
a side vent
a substance formed from the skeletons of sea life
a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano
the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up
Great Barrier Reer
a chain of coral reefs off the northeastern coast of Australia. Many atoll islands are scattered throughout the area that separates the Great Barrier Reef from the coast of Australia.
magma is called lava when it reaches the Earth’s surface
magma chamber
an enclosed space where magma collects below the surface of the Earth
melted rock under the surface of the Earth
Ring of Fire
the ring shaped regions of mountain-building earthquakes and volcanoes which surround the Pacific Ocean. This area is called the Ring of Fire because of all the volcanoes and earthquakes there.
the outside or top layer
a giant, fast moving wave that is caused by an earthquake or volcano
a mountain that produces magma, lava, and ash and is formed by cracks in the Earth’s surface. A volcano can occur in amy place where there is a deep crack.
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